Hello, again!

This is my round 2 of blogging, but I am looking forward to getting “restarted” and to having this time to put my thoughts, ideas, and stories together to share with my friends and family!

Here’s just a little about me and what I have planned for “Laugh, Farm, Love.” Welcome to my new adventure!

I am a mother to two wonderful little boys; a very goofy, adventurous toddler and a sweet, smiley baby. My husband and I moved to his family farm/ranch two years ago and while he works with his dad, I am able to stay at home with our boys.

I am looking forward to sharing recipes, projects, and project wish lists. I enjoy doing crafts, but I’ve found that making time for those things gets put on the back burner more often. This blog is going to be my motivation to get projects done and to find new ones to share.

I have learned quite a bit the last two years; about farming (I grew up on a ranch and yes they are different), about how to be a farmer’s wife, and about being a mother. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’d like to share the good things, the trials, the funny stories (laughter is the BEST medicine), and the lessons in love that I experience on the farm.


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