Find Motivation, Complete Projects!

I admitted that one big reason for my to blog is to have a good motivation to get projects done in a timely manner. I am notorious for procrastinating; dishes, laundry, & DIY, just to name a few.

So here are a two projects that have been in the works for like 3 months.

I made a “letter” for my oldest son when he was born and so naturally I wanted to do the same for our newest addition. I didn’t quite put as much effort into Miles’ letter, but I did get it done (thanks to the blog!).DSCN0007 DSCN0008

This was a pretty simple project, but even simple projects shouldn’t be rushed and of course I rushed, which resulted in a wrinkly paper; I’m pretty sure my sweet boy won’t notice tho. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t find a more 3D looking letter for Miles, the same as the E, but it did make it easier not having to cut all the different papers.

The second project is my version of something I saw on Pinterest for little boys’ bedroom decorations.
“Tractors, Trucks, & Toys there’s nothing quite like Little Boys”
This applies to my oldest to a T! He is all farmer boy (which his daddy loves and enjoys immensely), so I made this for his bedroom.


I do not claim to be an artist and while there are certain things I wish I had done differently I am quite proud of the finished product. I should have done the background images first (tractor & truck), I would have made it easier on myself, but you live and learn, right! Also, in the future I will not be using something with grooves in it, especially if there’s to be writing!

Now that these two are done I’ll head on over to Pinterest to find a new project to keep myself busy with!


One thought on “Find Motivation, Complete Projects!

  1. These are so great! They look awesome and those little guys will cherish them. You should try brush crazy with your friend for 2 to 3 hr project….pretty fun


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