5 Years In

5 years of countless memories.

5 years of jokes & smiles.

5 years of arguments & disappointments.

5 years of “I’m sorry” & “I forgive you.”

5 years of failed silent treatments (you always figure out how to make me laugh).

5 years of a few hundred things I wish I hadn’t said.

5 years of thousands of “I love you’s.”

5 years of eye rolling even though I can never keep the smile off my face.

5 years, 3 moves, 2 amazing boys, and one relationship that grows more everyday.

Thank you to my amazing husband for putting up with my mood swings, my hormones, my lack of cleaning skills, my reading addiction, my frustrations, & so many other “me problems.” You are a strong pillar I know I can lean on for support, a super hero our sons can look up to, and the man I look forward to loving for 10 times as many years as we’ve been loving life together.

Happy Anniversary!

My wonderful husband enjoying another day at his dream
My handsome hubby enjoying another day at his dream “job.”
Photo credit: Brent Volf

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