What’s in a Cousin

What’s in a cousin?

I grew up with a big extended family, which meant big family dinners and lots and lots of noise. It was lots and lots of fun, too. And this is something I am very grateful for.

Cousins “have to” be around you because they’re family, but because of this they become your first best friends. With cousins you learn how to play and share (the hardest lesson); they prepare you for the siblings to come and help you to escape the ones that you already have.

My son’s will get to grow up with their cousins and it has already proved to be a blessing. Due to me being a stay-at-home mom (which I wouldn’t change for the world) my kids don’t get much interaction with other children, so the time that they spend with their cousins is priceless. Once a week I load up my sweet boys and we take the 45-minute drive in to “town” to visit two of their cousins. One being a couple years older and the other the same age at EJ; their Grammie and I have our hands full for the day, but it is always entertaining and does wonders for my heart to watch my boys having the same opportunity to grow up with cousins as their play-mates.

DSCN0155Their other cousins may live far away, but that makes their time together that much more memorable and special. One cousin, whom they’ve only seen each other a hand full of times, still calls him her best friend. How wonderful that children so young can remember such happy times for so long and not forget their cousin/best friend.

Photo Credit: TruBlue Photography
Photo Credit: TruBlue Photography

So what’s in a cousin? Not just the same blood or family history or genetics, but a first best friend and play-mate who will always be around.