Outnumbered #boymom

I’ve seen this hash tag on Facebook often for a t-shirt ad. While I’ve been reluctant to really “want” this shirt (since I’m still holding out for a girl some day) it’s true right now!

As Miles is quickly getting closer to crawling I’m starting to see snippets of my life to come. He loves his big brother and when EJ isn’t trying to keep him from taking his toys he does pretty good to “play” with him. He’s even nice enough to give Miles a toy when trying to get his own back.

Then every once in a while EJ will do something “brotherly” without being told.

This morning was one of those times. I wasn’t quite in “fine mama” form; lacking patience and stamina due to fighting a cold on not much sleep, I hadn’t gotten around to setting my emotions aside when EJ decided to do nothing more than act like himself and take out the one toy I didn’t want to mess with. It’s not even that crazy of a toy, but just obnoxious enough for me to not want to deal with it. This of course made EJ mad and led to Miles’ commiserating tears. So I put a mad, crying EJ in his room and got Miles calmed down/distracted just in time for EJ to come out – still pouting – and I knew I had to find his distraction.

“EJ, wanna build a fort?”

Problem solved. Throw a blanket over the back of the couch, tuck one side into the piano lid and the back under some stacked totes that haven’t been put away yet (only sitting out for like a week) and throw his bean bag underneath – wallah!

Now the best part.

EJ runs to Miles – sitting in his bouncer chair thing – and proceeds to “get Miles out!” After I successfully get Miles out and into the walker, EJ performs his wonderful big brotherly act and pushes him into his fort. Smiling and laughing which gets miles smiling and then me smiling and catching this wonderful moment:

Proud to be THEIR #boymom

As I sat and took photos and EJ is saying “cheese” and Miles cranks his neck around to see, I can’t help but think that this is what life will be like. These two doing everything together which means probably getting into a bit of trouble and possibly working against me as a team every once in a while. But even with the obvious outcomes and even if I am an “outnumbered #boymom” I am grateful for these two. I am honored to be THEIR #boymom and thank God for giving me the opportunity to raise them. I look forward to seeing if Miles will be as silly and goofy and easy to laugh like EJ is (it’s starting to seem that he will!). I pray they’ll forgive my raging emotions as I learn to reign them in quicker, that they’ll remember that I can wrestle just as well as daddy, and they will always, always have a lap to cuddle on when they come to their #boymom.


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