Calving + Kids = …

So I’m working at my “attitude of gratitude” and as I’m thinking about writing this post I don’t want to be negative or ungrateful (obviously), but I am trying to portray what calving entails and how it does affect the whole household. (which may end up making me sounds selfish, but I’ll take that risk.)

Photo Credit: Evan Volf as he’s walking out to check before dawn!

I sometimes forget how much I should be appreciating the fact that my husband is a morning person. Our oldest son – and seems the youngest is right on track – is a morning person. If EJ sleeps until 6 we’re checking on him to make sure he’s not sick. So when calving season starts and we have a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night and a toddler who gets up early (and is ready to start his day) I am reminded how awesome it is to have a man who doesn’t mind the wee hours. Because, instead of him being up with these two and being gracious in giving me a few more minutes of sleep, he’s been in the barn finishing his “shift” – usually over by 5 am (ish) – and I’m doing all I can to keep my eyes open to make sure my boys aren’t hurting themselves (YAY for Netflix!).

The calving shed headquarters. Photo Credit: Evan Volf

And there have been nights/mornings when he’s gotten as little sleep as I have, whether it’s due to a new baby calf, an uncomfortable couch/cot in the barn, or just the inability to fall back to sleep during any down time. But he still comes in and usually is put right back to work getting the toddler breakfast or breaking up a “fight” (aka making sure EJ shares his toys!) instead of closing his eyes for a few minutes before his day “officially” begins outside, again.

Taking care of babies! Photo Credit: Evan Volf

Obviously, not every morning is like this and I know that there are parents who really don’t get any sleep with young kids and I know that there is always someone worse off, so this post is not about me complaining; I want to thank my wonderful, morning person husband for keeping me sane and Thank God that calving season is almost over (and for all the healthy “baby calvies”)!

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” ~ Matthew 19:6
Not even lack of sleep!