Grateful {New Day}

A month into my new year and I’ve stuck by my “no resolutions” mantra. Now before you start laughing and scoffing “No resolutions, but that’s the whole point!” I’ve been working on a new idea – habit stacking and using this method to help me to reach and accomplish my goals.

True to my people pleasing/second guessing self, I have thought of all of the arguments against this new method I’m trying: 1) just an excuse to not be more disciplined; 2) easier to give up; 3) takes longer to get results and etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe these are all true and maybe this method doesn’t work for every one, but it does work for me.

That all being said, can I share how I’m habit stacking?

The idea was first shared with me from my Thirty-One Gifts director. She is amazing; really, I am very grateful that God has put her in my life and especially in this position. I’ve been in different direct marketing ventures before and didn’t really expect much from myself, but Elisa expects her team to do their best and to realize that every one’s best is different. That’s where I always struggled (don’t we all!). Anyways, even though she brought this up doing a video on our team page, she explained how it doesn’t have to be just business centered, but that it works with everyday habits, too.

It was like a light bulb for me! I like routine and even though someone looking in might say “Are you sure that’s what you like?” I do really have a routine for a lot of things and I really think habit stacking is great for routine! As most who read my blog knows, my life is a bit chaotic; between trying to keep a relative peace between two little boys and making sure everyone is well-fed (does anyone know how picky boys can be!) and trying my best to keep a decent amount of clothes clean, well let’s just say I’m still trying to figure out the routine for the chaos! But when it comes to my more personal goals, habit stacking is wonderful! I really do enjoy working out and I’m not a morning person so I needed to find another time to get my workout in – afternoon naps! Even though at first that seemed to take away from my “quiet time” (oh the peace of sleeping boys!) I reworked my mind frame into “making-a-better-me time” and once I got into that routine, it became a habit and so started my habit stacking journey.

The next habit is eating better. In the past I’ve noticed that when I work out regularly I don’t crave the crappy stuff. Why would I right? Now, a bit of a disclaimer, I haven’t set myself on any sort of diet, I’m simply WORKING on not eating the crap. I still indulge and I haven’t thrown out all the bad stuff, but I’m WORKING on forming the habit to grab an apple instead of a cookie or just a few crackers instead of the bag of chips. There are days when I go without eating bad stuff and there are days that I snack all day, but those “bad” days are hopefully becoming less and less.

Another habit I’m working on is getting organized when it comes to household chores. I am a TERRIBLE housewife; cleaning is like my arch-enemy. This habit is definitely still in the “infant” stages (as my husband will readily agree!), but I’ve found that if I write down what I HOPE to get done there’s a slightly better chance it gets done. I’ll keep you updated on how well this habit forms!

But I think the most important thing I’m learning is that every day is a New Day. A new day to try to be better about cleaning; a new day to eat healthy; a new day to┬ánot lose my temper at every little thing that goes wrong…a new day to work on my good habits.

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” ~ Lamentations 3:22-23

Graphic credit: TobyMac