Mayday {no, it’s not a typo}

May Day has arrived and I have called out a Mayday; I have some serious winter blues.

May 1, 2017

Yes we’ve had a few nice days scattered in every once in a while, but come on, it’s gonna be summer before we get any spring!

As I’m sitting in my kitchen, watching it snow….again….on May 1st….I’ve decided I’ve gone beyond cabin fever. I have never been a winter/snow person, but I can handle snow…in the winter: A) it’s SUPPOSE to snow in the winter, B) it’s nice snow, you can play in not wet, sink-into-your-bones and freeze-you-while-the wind-plasters-it-on-your-skin snow. Yes winters can be nasty here, but you expect in then, right? But in May?

And when I have to sit inside and listen to cartoons with two ridiculously rambunctious boys who really just want to go outside and if I didn’t feel so guilty over the nasty weather I’d probably just throw them out and watch them freeze (only for a few minutes) just to stop listening to the fighting…then laughing…then screaming…then whining; what would be the next step beyond cabin fever?

My “tuning out” skills have really been fine tuned lately and I’ve decided that if they want to jump off of the couch for sport, so be it; “play” the piano for a bit? Sure, wait…just don’t pound on it! More cartoons? Whatever gets us thru this day that should be spent outside, but we’re not….because it’s snowing.

And to top it off, my farmer husband is talking about how crazy busy – even more than usual – they’ll be once it actually get’s nice and dry enough for them to start farming! Which really means (but he hates saying it out loud for fear of my reaction) is he will be gone super early and home super late. BUT, when I consider this (and work to refrain my groan) I remind myself that when that happens it will be nice enough to spend all day outside and the fighting-laughing-screaming-whining chorus won’t be on repeat; I realize I need to get over my pity-party and figure out how to be supportive during the out-of-his-control-crazy-busy season.

Because while the weather is out of our control, my emotions and reactions and attitude are in MY control. So, even though I do feel a bit unhinged, I know that if I fix my attitude and focus on how awesome this moisture will be for crops (aka our way of living), I will enjoy that nice weather so much more when it gets here.

And when I remember all I have to be grateful for – a supportive family that I can “pawn” my kids off on to have time alone; a loving husband who is also a wonderful role model for our boys; a warm home with food and a “play ground” that goes on for miles; most of all, a loving, merciful Heavenly Father who uses my own words (sometimes) to remind me where my heart should be instead of letting me dwell on my “winter blues.”

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Yes, it says ALL CIRCUMSTANCES…there is always something to be thankful for.


One thought on “Mayday {no, it’s not a typo}

  1. I’m not a snow girl either. One day is enough. Here in Texas we don’t get much. But May oh my goodness. Mayday.


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