Family {Time}

We like to take the boys on a mini “getaway” before we start calving because as most ranchers know once calving season starts there’s not a whole lot of opportunities to get away.

And since we also farm, once March and April roll around my husband and father-in-law are racing to get their planting done and by that time we’ll have Mr. #3 here, too!

So last week we took a few days to spoil our sheltered boys with two nights in a hotel along with a movie at the theater and a day filled with lots of fun activities! Most of these activities were overseen by the world’s best daddy; with me being 30 weeks pregnant I wasn’t able to take part in all of the fun. But I did get plenty of pictures taken!

These two boys adore their daddy and I’m so very grateful that he is able to – and makes the effort to – take the time to do these things with them. When we first started discussing us moving back my biggest worry was that he would get caught up in work and wouldn’t make the time to be with his family. That hasn’t been the case and I often need to remind myself of how much more time we get with him than if he was working a “normal” job.

There are days when we don’t see him all day, but then there are the days when the boys get to spend most of their time with him; yes, I do appreciate those days for the quiet house but more than that I appreciate those days because I know they are having the best possible experience “working” with daddy.

And it hit me, while I was sitting watching him swim with them, that it would all be different next year and I originally wondered how we’d handle three boys at a water park and then I remembered…well they’ll all be a year older, silly momma! EJ already almost has the confidence to swim alone (with a floaty) and I’m sure Miles won’t be far behind. Mr. #3 will be nearly 1 year old and I sat there wondering what this photo will look like.


Swimming at Reef Water Park 2017


It made me a little sad – as we always say, it goes by too fast! But it also made me so grateful that this wonderful man makes sure he takes time with each of our boys and I know he will continue to do so. Even though there are times when I give him a hard time and I forget how much time he does get to spend with them, I know he will always try his hardest to make sure he makes time to wrestle and play and eventually, to shoot hoops, to teach driving and sharing his knowledge (even the questionable stuff *wink*). And these will be the things they remember – a dad they can look up to and learn from, who is fun and understanding, and who will try his hardest to make time to spend with them.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6



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