One Word {Delight}

Last year instead of a New Year’s resolution I decided to choose one word that I wanted to focus on during the year. It was TIME and I’m not entirely sure that I did much better with my time but I do feel like I thought about it more (and ended up being convicted more often than not) and how I was using mine.

When the beginning of December came around I started thinking of what my new word would be. I had been leaning toward JOY (and that’s where the title of the “Christmas Card” post came from!) and then I saw a quiz on Facebook (imagine that, right?!) that was to discover what your word for 2019 should be and decided to take it! It was through DaySpring, the Christian card company, and the Facebook post was sponsored by Max Lucado, so hey, why not?

The month of January got away from me and now as I sit to write this post I’m convicted again for not working harder to be DELIGHTed more during my day-to-day life. I always seem to find the “problems” I’m facing before I realize how much more there is to be delighted about.

And isn’t that the most frustrating part?

I have SO MUCH to be delighted about or to find delight in or to delight someone, so why can’t that be my focus? How about when the problems come rushing in I stop, take a breath and find the good?

DELIGHT (v) – to please (someone) greatly; (n) – great pleasure.

I love that “great pleasure” (Pleasure (n) – feeling of happy satisfaction); great, happy satisfaction. Another word for satisfaction is contentment and isn’t that really what everyone longs for? To be content; to feel full-filled; and to be happy all the while, too.

So what’s the secret to finding that?

CHOOSING to be delighted and to BE a delight to those around us. It isn’t easy. Our human nature tells us to look for the bad, whether in other people or our own circumstances. And on top of that, the recipe for delight is different for everyone.

We understand our need to be grateful (aka delighted) for what we’ve been given, but has it ever occurred that BEING a delight to others could, in turn, give us delight?

“When we show up with compassion for others, our own disappointments won’t ring as hollow or sting with sorrow nearly as much.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst, It’s Not Suppose To Be This Way

Talk about a New Year’s challenge (in February! HA)! I’ve been trying to work on this – progress over perfect – and I’m asking all of you to keep me accountable.

Despite the laundry, dishes, tantrums, colds, teething, choosing healthy (instead of easy!), working out, house cleaning, and whatever else that’s on my plate I will CHOOSE to be delighted in all of these aspects of my life. Not an EASY task, even if it sounds simple, it will be a choice I need to make every minute, every shirt, every dish, every “momma” cry, every snuggle, every apple, every run, every broom sweep that I undertake each and every day.

And when I get the chance to delight other people I hope I can recognize that opportunity and take it to show them that love does still exist in this crazy world. From teaching kids the love of Jesus, to assisting in the young mom with a crabby baby, to simply smiling at the elderly man having to shop for himself (maybe for the first time? Or lady shopping only for herself) – amazing how a person can brighten up with a simple, sincere smile from a stranger. And when they smile back you feel good, right?!

Beautiful how that works out!


For the LORD delights in his people; he crowns the humble with victory. ~Psalms 149:4

If that isn’t an example to follow than I don’t know what is!