I am a mother to three wonderful little boys; which is cause for my very own lovely level of chaos. We have lived on my husbands family farm/ranch since November 2013 and while there have been several learning experiences I have grown to love and appreciate life here more than I can imagine.

I have learned quite a bit while we’ve lived here; about farming (I grew up on a ranch and yes they are different), about how to be a farmer’s wife, and about being a mother. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’d like to share the good things, the trials, the funny stories (laughter is the BEST medicine), and the lessons in love that I experience and helped me to feel and be blessed in the mess.

I am looking forward to sharing recipes, projects, and project wish lists. I enjoy doing crafts, but I’ve found that making time for those things get put on the back burner more often. As my boys grow and I find the time for these things, I know I will look back and wish for certain parts of this season to be the same, but I am determined to keep my heart and mind open to the blessings the Lord has in store and the lessons I learn when I forget to choose JOY.

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